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What would you like to do in Ireland? Play golf on some of the many wonderful 400+ courses, relax by the ocean with a book and a pint of Guiness, trace your family roots, see as much as possible of the magical "Emerald Isle" ?


How long can you spend in Ireland and where will you arrive? How will you travel round Ireland? Your own customized itinerary will be based on all this so no two itineraries are the same!


Do you prefer to stay 2 nights in places to relax rather than moving all the time? Check out our links page with useful information for you.


There is so much to see and do in Ireland and we can tailor a tour to take into consideration your needs, interests and budget, once you have decided where you will arrive and  how long you will have to spend in Ireland.


Plan A

Maybe spend a night in Dublin after your flight to recover from jetlag and traveling? Land in Cork instead and maybe fly out from Dublin?


Next day travel to Cork to spend a couple of nights in that area? Visit Cobh from where the Titanic sailed as did many emigrants to the USA.

Visit some of the beautiful quaint little fishing villages and towns. Maybe go to a seafood festival?


Next drive to the well known beautiful area of Killarney with its lakes, stay nearby as a base and then explore the Dingle Peninsula?


Drive back to Dublin for a couple of nights taking in the historic buildings with beautiful architecture and visit some of the quaint pubs with traditional Irish music, go to a concert or a festival before the flight home? 


Plan B

Maybe land in Dublin and take the 2 hour drive north to Belfast where we have excellent quality city centre accommodation. Northern Ireland is famous for its wonderful breads such as soda bread or farls, oven wheaten and potato bread - most served at breakfast time with the "Ulster Fry"!


Stay a couple of nights, maybe play golf on the course where Rory McIlroy plays and have lunch in a quaint country inn? Perhaps play the Royal County Down course which was home to the Walker Cup a few years ago?


Travel north along the "Coast Road", find Ireland's first UNESCO heritage site, maybe see a clifftop ruined castle belonging to your ancestors or find a breathtaking ropebridge over a deep gorge? Not for the faint-hearted!


Find some lovely little sleepy seaside fishing villages and end in a little village inn by the oldest whiskey distillery in Ireland, sit by the roaring fire and have a real Irish Whiskey?


Stay there a couple of nights and if you are golfers, why not play at Portrush?


Go back to your Belfast hotel or the quaint little village inn not far away and then drive back south to Dublin for your flight home?

If you are wanting to tour the north only, then you can fly to Belfast rather than Dublin?



The 2 plans above are only samples of what can be done and seen in this very diverse and interesting little country full of history with its friendly and hospitable people.


I hope that we can help with your trip and look forward to hearing from you!

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